Do not put the DC power adapter near to any heating apparatus.

•• Otherwise, a fire may result.

Keep the DC power adapter in a well-ventilated area.


Do not hold the product upside-down or move it by holding the stand.

Do not touch the screen when the product has been turned on for an extended period of time as it will become hot.

Store small accessories out of the reach of children.


Exercise caution when adjusting the product angle or stand height.

•• The product may fall and become damaged or cause an injury.


•• Your hand or finger may get stuck and injured.

•• Tilting the product at an excessive angle may cause the product to fall and an injury may result.

Looking at the screen too close for an extended period of time can deteriorate your eyesight.


Do not use humidifiers or stoves around the product.

•• A fire or electric shock may result.

Rest your eyes for more than 5 minutes for every 1 hour of product use.

•• Eye fatigue will be relieved.


Do not place heavy objects on the product.

•• Product failure or personal injury may result.

When using headphones or earphones, do not turn the volume too high.

•• Having the sound too loud may damage your hearing.