Model Name






Environmental conditionsOperating

Temperature: 10 C – 40 C (50 F – 104 F)



Humidity: 10 % – 80 %, non-condensing






Temperature: -20 C – 45 C (-4 F – 113 F)



Humidity: 5 % – 95 %, non-condensing


This monitor can be installed and used with any Plug-and-Play compatible systems. Two-way data exchange between the monitor and PC system optimizes the monitor settings. Monitor installation takes place automatically. However, you can customize the installation settings if desired.

――Panel Dots (Pixels)

Due to the nature of the manufacturing of this product, approximately 1 pixel per million (1ppm) may be brighter or darker on the LCD panel. This does not affect product performance.

――The above specifications are subject to change without notice to improve quality. ――This device is a Class B digital apparatus.