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Character Voids




Suggested Solutions



Character Voids

Character voids are white areas within parts of





characters that should be solid black:





If you are using transparencies, try another




type of transparency. Because of the




composition of transparencies, some




character voids are normal.




You may be printing on the wrong surface of




the paper. Remove the paper and turn it








The paper may not meet paper









specifications. (See "Print media





specifications" on page 61.)



Horizontal stripes

If horizontally aligned black streaks or smears








A a B b C


The toner cartridge may be installed



A a B b C


improperly. Remove the cartridge and




reinsert it.



A a B b C


The toner cartridge may be defective.





Remove the toner cartridge and install a new



A a B b C





one. (See "Replacing the toner cartridge" on



A a B b C


page 57.)





If the problem persists, the machine may









require repair. Contact a service









If the printed paper is curled or paper does not





feed into the machine:

Turn the stack of paper over in the tray. Also try rotating the paper 180° in the tray.

Change the printer option and try again. Go to Printing Preferences, click Paper tab,


and set type to Thin. (See "Opening printing


preferences" on page 33.)




Common Windows problems





Suggested solutions




“File in Use”

Exit all software applications. Remove all

message appears

software from the startup group, then restart

during installation.

Windows. Reinstall the printer driver.

“General Protection

Close all other applications, reboot Windows

Fault”, “Exception

and try printing again.

OE”, “Spool 32”, or



“Illegal Operation”



messages appear.



“Fail To Print”, “A

These messages may appear during printing.

printer timeout error

Just keep waiting until the machine finishes

occurred” messages

printing. If the message appears in ready mode


or after printing has been completed, check the


connection and/or whether an error has






Refer to the Microsoft Windows User’s Guide that came with your computer for further information on Windows error messages.

Common Linux problems


Suggested solutions



The machine does

Check if the printer driver is installed in your

not print.

system. Open the Unified Driver Configurator


and switch to the Printers tab in Printers


configuration window to look at the list of


available machines. Make sure that your


machine is displayed on the list. If not, open


Add new printer wizard to set up your




Check if the machine is started. Open


Printers configuration and select your


machine on the printers list. Look at the


description in the Selected printer pane. If its


status contains Stopped string, press the


Start button. After that normal operation of


the machine should be restored. The


“stopped” status might be activated when


some problems in printing occur.


Check if your application is not using a special


print option such as “-oraw”. If “-oraw” is


specified in the command line parameter,


then remove it to print properly. For Gimp


front-end, select “print” -> “Setup printer” and


edit the command line parameter.

The machine does

It is a known problem that occurs when a color

not print whole

machine is used on version 8.51 or earlier of

pages, and output is

Ghostscript, 64-bit Linux OS, and has been

printed on half the

reported to as Ghostscript


Bug 688252. The problem is solved in AFPL


Ghostscript v. 8.52 or above. Download the


latest version of AFPL Ghostscript from and


install it to solve this problem.

I encounter the

Avoid changing print job parameters (via LPR

“Cannot open port

GUI, for example) while a print job is in progress.

device file” error

Known versions of CUPS server break the print

when printing a

job whenever print options are changed and


then try to restart the job from the beginning.


Since Unified Linux Driver locks the port while


printing, the abrupt termination of the driver


keeps the port locked and unavailable for


subsequent print jobs. If this situation occurs, try


to release the port by selecting Release port in


Port configuration window.



Refer to the Linux User’s Guide that came with your computer for further information on Linux error messages.

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Samsung ML-167X A a B b C, Common Windows problems, Common Linux problems, Troubleshooting, Character Voids, Curl, appear