Recording with the Sony MZ-NH-900

Set-Up Steps for MD Mode Only

The HiMD recorders can record in two formats: the higher quality HiMD
format or the Standard MD SP format. They can also record on both the
old, “MD” discs and the new HiMD discs. The separate set-up steps for
the Hi-MD mode follow these below.
These steps are for MD Disc mode, NOT Hi-MD !!
Files created in the MD format cannot be transferred digitally via
SoundStage and a USB cable on a PC. MD format recordings have to be
transferred in real time on the Transfer platform in B-18 or via a analog
cable. Format Your Discs should be formatted in HiMD mode unless you
have a special reason to use MD mode.
Recording Kit: Sony MZ-NH900 recorder; 110 A.C. power Supply;
Charging cradle; USB cable; AA battery holder (detachable); Sony MDR-
V600 Headphones or similar. 1- Rode NT4 stereo mic or 1- stereo pair
of Sound Professional Binaural mics.
With a Sound Devices Preamp Some Sony MZ-NH900 recorders will
become available alone and some will be in backpack kits using the
MP-2 or Mix Pre mic preamps and condenser mics-- probably the Rode
NT1A’s and the CAD 179’s. The later kits can only be checked-out to
students who have taken Field Audio 420 or are enrolled in 460 and
receive a demo.

Set-Up Steps for the Sony MZ-NH900 MD Recorder

It is very important to go through theses steps every time before you
start recording and, preferably, before you even set off to record. Take
some time to practice placing the recorder into manual record gain
mode because you’ll need to be able to do this quickly and confidently
in the field. If you fail to do some of the below steps, your recording
can suffer in terms of quality and in some cases, it won’t be able to be
imported into a computer without a lot of extra work or maybe, not at