Kindle User’s Guide 14
Chapter 4 Getting More From Your Kindle
Using Kindle with your computer
By connecting your Kindle to your computer via the supplied USB cable, you can add content
to the Kindle without a Wi-Fi connection.
When you first connect the Kindle to a computer’s USB port, it will appear as an external
storage drive or volume on the computer’s desktop. You’ll see a directory or folder called
“documents.” You can add Kindle-compatible files to this directory, and you can copy, move,
or delete the files that are already there. For more information about supported file types,
go to Kindle is not usable as a reading device while in USB
drive mode. To read a book while charging the battery, you must eject the Kindle from your
computer’s desktop. The battery icon on the Kindle will have a lightning bolt to indicate that
its battery is still being charged.