Kindle User’s Guide 6
Chapter 1 Getting Started
Home button: This button takes you to the Home screen, where you’ll find a list of the
books and other content stored on your Kindle.
Power button: To turn your Kindle on, press the power button. To put your Kindle in sleep
mode, press and release the power button; the screensaver appears on the display. To wake
up your Kindle, press the power button. To turn off your Kindle, press and hold the power
button for seven seconds until the screen goes blank. If your Kindle does not power on or
is unresponsive during use, you can restart your device by pressing and holding the power
button for 20 seconds.
Micro-USB/power port: You can use the supplied USB cable to connect your Kindle to a
computer for charging the battery and transferring files, including personal documents, to
your Kindle.
Charging the battery
Charge your Kindle by plugging the supplied USB cable into a power source, such as a
computer or the Kindle power adapter (sold separately). A lightning bolt should appear on the
battery icon at the top of the Home screen.
The indicator light on the bottom edge of the device will turn amber while charging and green
when the battery is fully charged.
Charging should take less than three hours. You can use your Kindle while it is connected via
USB and charging from your computer, by unmounting or ejecting it so that Kindle exits USB
drive mode.
• Windows Vista and 7: Click the Start button, select “Computer” from the options, right-click
on the Kindle drive icon, and select “Eject” from the pop-up menu.
• Windows XP: Right-click on the “Safely remove hardware” icon in the lower right-hand
corner of the task bar and follow the on-screen instructions to remove Kindle.
• Mac OS: Ctrl-click on the Kindle device icon and choose “Eject.”
Your Kindle will then exit USB drive mode and display the Home screen. You’ll see a lightning
bolt on the battery status icon that indicates your Kindle is still charging. If the charge
indicator light does not come on, make sure that the USB cable is fully inserted into your
Kindle and into the USB port.
Status indicators
At the top of every screen, you’ll see indicators that inform you about the status of various
Kindle services.

Wi-Fi status indicators

Your Kindle has a strong Wi-Fi signal and the Whispernet service is active. The more bars that
are filled in with black, the stronger the Wi-Fi signal.
Your Kindle is checking for available Wi-Fi networks.

Battery status indicators

The Kindle battery indicator shows the various states of the battery as it discharges.
Note that subscribing to multiple blogs that update frequently may increase power
consumption and decrease the battery life. A weak Wi-Fi signal can also increase power