Kindle User’s Guide 10
Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents

Understanding Kindle display technology

Kindle uses a high-resolution display technology called electronic paper. It works using ink
just like books and newspapers, but it displays the ink particles electronically. You may see
a “flash” when turning pages. This is part of the process of updating the electronic ink that
Kindle uses to display text and graphics.

Customizing your text display

Kindle provides a quick way to adjust the appearance of books and periodicals. To access
those settings, press the Menu button when you’re reading a document and select Change
Font Size. A dialog box will appear that lets you change the font size, typeface, line spacing,
number of words per line, and orientation of the content on the Kindle screen. You can also
change the orientation when you aren’t reading a document, such as on the Home screen.
Simply press the Menu button and select Screen Rotation.

Zooming in on images

You can increase the size of an image in a Kindle book for easier viewing. First, use the 5-way
controller to position the cursor over the image. A magnifying glass with a plus sign will
appear on top of it. Press the 5-way controller to zoom in. To return to your content, press the
5-way controller or any key or button except the Home button. You can also use zoom on any
web page.

Interacting with your documents

Your Kindle gives you access to features that aren’t available with printed materials, such as
instantly viewing word definitions and searching for specific content. Just as with a traditional
book, you can also highlight favorite passages, add notes, and create bookmarks.
Dictionary: Your Kindle includes two dictionaries: The New Oxford American Dictionary (the
default) and The Oxford Dictionary of English. Simply place the cursor in front of any word
you want defined. To see a longer definition, press the center button of the 5-way controller
and select “full definition” from the displayed options and press the center button of the
5-way controller. To change the default dictionary, use the menu on the Settings page. Your
dictionaries may differ depending upon the language you select.
Search: Press the Keyboard button to display the keyboard and type the text you want to
search for, then press the keyboard button to dismiss the keyboard. Right click the 5-way
controller to select the find option, then press the center select button of the 5-way controller
to display the search results. You can also search other content on your Kindle, the Kindle
Store, Google, Wikipedia, or the built-in dictionary by using the Right Arrow on the 5-way
controller to scroll past “find” and choosing the type of search you want.
Highlights: Place the cursor where you want to start the highlight. Press the center of the
5-way controller and select the “start highlight” option. Scroll the cursor to the end of the
text you want to highlight and press the center button again and select the “end highlight”
option. The highlighted text is underlined. It is also added to a file on the Home screen
called My Clippings. If several other Kindle users have highlighted a particular passage in the
Chapter 3 Reading Kindle Documents