Kindle User’s Guide 16
Appendix A Product Information
Appendix A Product Information

Safety and Compliance Information

Use Responsibly. Read all instructions and safety information before use.

Maintaining Your Kindle

Do not use your Kindle or its accessories in rain, or near sinks or other wet locations. Take
care not to spill any food or liquid on your Kindle. If your device does get wet, unplug all
cables, turn off the wireless (go to Menu, and choose Turn Wireless Off) and let the screen
revert to the screen saver. Wait for the device to dry completely before pressing the power
button to wake again. Do not attempt to dry your Kindle with an external heat source, such as
a microwave oven or hair dryer. Clean the screen with a soft cloth; be careful not to wipe it
with anything abrasive. When carrying your Kindle in a bag or briefcase, keep a book cover on
to avoid scratches.
Don’t expose your Kindle to extreme heat or cold. For example, don’t leave it in the trunk of
your car in sub-zero or high-heat conditions.

Servicing Your Device

If your device needs service, please contact Amazon Customer Support. Contact details can
be found at
Faulty service may void the warranty.

Battery Safety

The rechargeable battery in your Kindle should be replaced only by an authorized service
provider. For more information about batteries, go to Charge the
battery only in temperatures that range from 32° to 95° Fahrenheit (0° to 35° Celsius). Your
Kindle is not shipped with an AC adaptor. Your Kindle should only be charged using the USB
cable included with the device, or another USB cable approved for use with your Kindle, with
a compatible USB charger or USB port that meets the following requirements: USB-IF Battery
Charging Spec, Rev 1.2.

Wireless Safety and Compliance

Turn your wireless connection off in areas where wireless use is forbidden or when it may
cause interference or danger. Some specific situations are described below. In general, you
should not use your Kindle with your wireless connection turned on any place you are not
allowed to use a cellular device.