American Water Heater VG6250T100 Concentric vent installation, Kit Components, Description

Models: VG6250T100

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Concentric vent installation

Concentric vent installation

This appliance is certified for concentric venting with concentric vent kit #9006328005. Follow instructions below for proper installations.


Each kit is comprised of the following:




Rain Cap

3 in.


SDR-26 pipe

4 in. dia.


SDR-26 pipe

2½ in. dia.


Y Concentric Fitting

3 in.


Installation Instructions






Field supplied pipe and fittings are required to complete the installation.

This concentric vent termination kit may be used with 3 inch diameter pipe systems.


Installing and servicing water heating equipment can be hazardous due to gas and electrical components. Installation and service of the concentric vent termination requires ability equivalent to that of a qualified installer or service agent, see page 7. All precautions in the literature, on tags, and labels attached to the unit must be observed.

Follow all safety codes. Wear safety glasses and work gloves.

Figure 20.

Figure 21.

*Dimension 21 1/8 in. may be lengthened to 60 in. maximum. Dimension 21 1/8 in. may also be shortened by cutting the pipes, provided in the kit, to 12 in. minimum.

**Dimension 39 will change accordingly as dimension 21 1/8 in. is lengthened or shortened.

Do not use field-supplied couplings to extend pipes. Airflow restriction will occur and the heater pressure switch may cause intermittent operation.


1. Determine best location for termination kit.

NOTE: Roof termination is preferred since it is less susceptible to damage, has reduced chances to intake contaminants, and less visible vent vapors.

2.Cut 1 hole (5 in. diameter)

3.Partially assemble concentric vent termination kit.

a)Cement Y concentric fitting to larger diameter kit pipe, see Figure 20.

b)Cement rain cap to smaller diameter kit pipe, see Figure 22.

Figure 22.

NOTE: Instead of cementing the smaller pipe to the rain cap, a field-supplied stainless steel screw may be used to secure the 2 components together when field disassembly is desired for cleaning, see Figure 22.

When using alternate screw method, drill clearance hole in rain cap and pilot hole in vent pipe for screw size being used. Failure to drill adequate holes may cause cracking of PVC components, allowing combustion products to be recirculated. Failure to follow this warning could result in personal injury or death.

Do not operate the heater with rain cap removed or recirculation of combustion products may occur. Water may also collect inside larger combustion-air pipe and flow to the burner enclosure. Failure to follow this warning could result in product damage or improper operation, personal injury or death.

4.Install Y concentric fitting and pipe assembly through structure’s hole and field supplied roof boot/flashing.

Figure 23.

NOTE: Do not allow insulation or other materials to accumulate inside pipe assembly when installing through hole.


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American Water Heater VG6250T100 Concentric vent installation, Kit Components, Description, Safety Considerations