Muting a Call
If a call is on mute and you switch between the handset, headset, or speakerphone, the
mute will be turned off. When the Mute button light is on, the call is muted.
1. Press Mute during a call so that the other person cannot hear you.
2. Press Mute again to unmute the call.
Putting a Call on Hold
1. Press Phone to view the main Phone screen, if necessary.
2. Select the line you want to put on hold.
3. Press Hold.
A hold timer may display when you put a call on hold. For more information, see
Configuring call timers.
4. Press Resume to retrieve the call.
Transferring a Call
1. From the Phone screen, select the line you want to transfer.
2. Press Transfer.
3. Dial the telephone number, or call the person from the Contacts list, or call the
person from the Call Log list.
4. Press Complete to transfer the call.
About Forwarding Calls
You can forward your incoming calls to another number or to voicemail. If call forwarding
is turned on, a Forwarding icon appears on the top line of your display screen. You
can choose from a number of forwarding features, including Send All Calls and Call
Forward. Listed below are examples of the most commonly used forwarding features. The
forwarding features available on your phone depend on the options your system
administrator has set. For more information about the options available to you, contact
your system administrator.

Send all calls

When Send All Calls (SAC) is on, your incoming calls go directly to a predefined coverage
number, typically your voicemail. Incoming calls ring once at your extension and then go
directly to a number which is set by your system administrator. If the SAC feature is
administered on your phone, a SendAll softkey appears on the Phone screen. Pressing
SendAll turns Send All Calls on. If it is already on, pressing SendAll turns it off. You can
also turn Send All Calls on or off by using the telephone Features list.
1. From the Phone screen, scroll right to access the Features menu.
2. Select SendAllCalls.
3. Press Yes or OK to turn Send All Calls on or off.
Send all calls
16 Avaya one-X™ Deskphone Edition for 9620 IP Telephone User Guide