Transferring Images to a Computer for Viewing

Connect the camera to the computer.

Turn off the camera.

Open the cover, and insert the cable's smaller plug firmly into the camera terminal in the direction shown.

Insert the cable’s larger plug into the computer. For connection details, refer to the user guide provided with the computer.

Turn on the camera.

Press the 1button to turn on the camera.

Open CameraWindow.


Click [Downloads Images From Canon Camera using Canon CameraWindow].

XCameraWindow will appear.

If CameraWindow does not appear, click the [Start] menu and choose

[All Programs], followed by [Canon Utilities], [CameraWindow] and [CameraWindow].


XCameraWindow will appear when you establish a connection between the camera and computer.

If CameraWindow does not appear, click the CameraWindow icon on the Dock (the bar which appears at the bottom of the desktop).