Adjusting the White Balance

The white balance (WB) function sets the optimal white balance for natural looking colors to match the shooting conditions.

Choose the white balance function.

After pressing the m button, press the op buttons to choose .

Choose an option.

Press the qr buttons to choose an option, then press the m button.

XThe setting you chose will appear on the screen.


Automatically sets the optimal white balance for the shooting conditions.



Day Light

Fine weather conditions, outdoor shooting




Cloudy, shady, twilight conditions




Tungsten, bulb-type (3-wavelength) fluorescent lighting




Warm-white fluorescent, cool-white fluorescent, warm-white-type

(3-wavelength) fluorescent lighting


Fluorescent H

Daylight fluorescent, daylight-type (3-wavelength) fluorescent



Manually sets a custom white balance.



Custom White Balance

You can adjust the white balance to the light source at the shooting location. Make sure that you set the white balance under the light source of the actual scene you will shoot.

In Step 2 above, choose .

Make sure the entire screen is filled with a

plain, white colored subject, then press the l button.

XThe tint on the screen will change after recording the white balance data.