Pressing the Shutter Button

Press the m button.

Formatting or erasing data on a memory card merely changes the file management information on the card and does not ensure its contents are completely erased. Be careful when transferring or disposing of a memory card. When disposing of a memory card, take precautions such as physically destroying the card to prevent personal information leaks.

The total capacity of the memory card displayed in the formatting screen may be less than indicated on the memory card.

Pressing the Shutter Button

To take images that are in focus, be sure to first press the shutter button lightly (halfway) to focus, then press fully to shoot.

Press halfway (lightly to focus).

Press lightly until the camera beeps twice and AF frames appear where the camera focused.

Press fully (all the way to shoot).

XThe camera plays the shutter sound and takes the shot.

If you shoot without pressing the shutter button halfway, the image may not be in focus.