Inserting the Date and Time

You can insert the shooting date and time in the lower right corner of an image. Once inserted, however, they cannot be deleted. Be sure to check beforehand that the date and time are correctly set (p. 19).

Choose [Date Stamp].

Press the nbutton.

Press the qr buttons to choose the 4 tab.

Press the op buttons to choose [Date Stamp].

Accept the setting.

Press the qr buttons to choose [Date] or [Date & Time].

Pressing the nbutton will restore the shooting screen.

X[DATE] will appear on the screen.


XThe shooting date or time will be recorded in the image’s lower right corner.

To restore to the original setting, choose [Off] in Step 2.

You can insert and print the shooting date in images which do not have an embedded date and time as follows. However, if you do this for images with an embedded date and time, the date and time may be printed twice.

Use the DPOF print settings (p. 110) to print.

Use the included software to print. Refer to the Software Guide for details.

Print using printer functions.

Refer to the Personal Printing Guide for details.