Changing the ISO Speed

Choose the ISO speed.

After pressing the m button, press the op buttons to choose .

Choose an option.

Press the qr buttons to choose an option, then press the m button.

XThe setting you chose will appear on the screen.

Automatically adjusts the ISO speed to the Shooting mode and shooting conditions.

Low Fine weather conditions, outdoor shooting.

Cloudy, Twilight

High Nightscapes, Dark interiors

Changing the ISO speed

Lowering the ISO speed results in sharper images, but there may be an increased chance of image blurring in certain shooting conditions.

Raising the ISO speed results in a faster shutter speed, reducing camera shake and letting the flash reach greater distances to the subject. The images, however, will appear coarse.

When the camera is set to , you can press the shutter button

halfway to display the automatically set ISO speed.

In (p. 55), ISO speeds will automatically be set higher than in A mode, depending on the scene.