Zooming in Closely on Subjects (Digital Zoom)

You can use the digital zoom to zoom up to a maximum equivalent of 16x and capture subjects that are too far away for the optical zoom to enlarge. The images may appear coarse, however, depending on the recording pixel setting (p. 68) and the zoom factor used.

Move the zoom lever toward i.

Hold the lever until zooming stops. XThe zoom will stop when the largest possible zoom factor without image

deterioration has been reached, and the zoom factor will appear when you release the zoom lever.

Move it toward i again.

XThe digital zoom will zoom in even further on the subject.

What if the zoom factor appears in blue?

Images shot at zoom factors that appear in blue will be coarse.

Turning off the digital zoom

To turn off the digital zoom, press the n button, choose the 4 tab, and choose [Digital Zoom] and the [Off] option.

The focal length when using the optical zoom is 28 – 112 mm, and the focal length when using the digital zoom is 112 – 448 mm (35 mm film equivalent).