Global Machinery Company G25 instruction manual Starting the engine

Models: G25

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Starting the engine

3. If the fuel is low, replace the



filter screen inside the fuel


tank neck (Fig. E).


4. Pour in unleaded fuel from


an approved fuel container


into the fuel tank (Fig. F).


Because fuel expands, only


fill the unit to the base of the


filter housing. DO NOT FILL



to the tip of the tank. Replace


fuel cap (2) and turn clockwise


to lock.




Do not refill fuel tank while engine is running or is hot.

Check to ensure that the fuel drain (21) has been tightened and that fuel is not leaking from the rear outlet tube.

Note. If the fuel drain screw (21) is not tight fuel will be visibly leaking from the fuel drain hose (6).

Be careful not to admit dust, dirt, water or other foreign objects into the fuel.

Wipe off spilt fuel thoroughly before starting engine.

Ensure you DO NOT fuel the generator in close proximity to any open flames.

1. Before starting, ensure that no

electrical apparatus has beenH connected to the generator.

2.Turn the fuel cap (2) vent lever to the on position (Fig. H).

3.Turn the engine switch (7) to the on position (Fig. I).







4.To start a cold engine move the choke lever (3) to the start position. In order to restart a warm engine, leave the choke lever in the run position (Fig. J).

5.Slowly pull the recoil starter

(4)until you feel it engageK

and then pull it briskly. Return the recoil starter gently and slowly to the original position by hand (Fig. K).

Note. When the motor is started for the very first time, it will

Starting the engine

WARNING. Before starting the motor, ensure you have filled the crank case to the correct level with oil (Fig. G).

Note. The crank case is not filled with oil from the factory.

Oil Filler Cap




Full Oil Level

Low Oil Level


require a number of attempts to

start until the fuel has travelledL from the tank to the motor.

6.If the choke lever (3) was on the start position gradually move it to the run position as the engine warms up (Fig. L).


Page 12
Image 12
Global Machinery Company G25 instruction manual Starting the engine