Harman-Kardon AVR 254 owner manual Step Nine - Remote IR Inputs and Output Optional, Installation

Models: AVR 254

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2.Turn on your source device.


from the appendix table corresponding to the device and pro- gram it into the AUX Source Selector. Similarly, the CBL/SAT Source Selector is used for either a cable or satellite television set-top box. The first digit of the product code indicates the device type.

2.Turn on your source device.

3.This step places the remote in program mode. Refer to Figure 37. Press and hold the Source Selector. The button will turn red, then go dark. Continue holding it, and when it turns red again, release the button; the remote is now in program mode. Follow the directions in Step 4, below.

Figure 37 – Source Selectors

Optional: To reassign a device type from one Source Selector to another Source Selector not being used, e.g. if there are two DVD players in the system, press the Source Selector for the new device type now. For example, to reassign the Cable/Sat Source Selector to operate a DVD player, first press and hold the Cable/Sat Button, and then press the DVD Button.

If you are unable to locate a code set that correctly operates your source device, it will not be possible to use the AVR remote to control that device. However, you may still connect the source to the AVR 254 and operate it using the device’s original remote control.

Most of the button labels on the remote describe the button’s function when used to control the AVR 254. However, the button may perform a very different function when used to control another device. Refer to the Remote Control Function List, Table A13 in the Appendix, for a list of each button’s functions with the various product types.

If you wish, you may program Activities, which are preprogrammed code sequences that execute many code commands with a single button press. You may also program “punch-through” codes, which allow the remote to operate the channel or transport controls of another device without having to switch the remote’s device mode. See page 53 for instructions on these advanced programming functions.

Step Nine – Remote IR Inputs and Output (Optional)

The AVR 254 is equipped with a Remote IR Input, a Zone 2 Input and a Remote IR Output to facilitate use of your system with a remote control in a variety of situations. See Figure 38.

AVR 254

4.Enter a code from Step 1, above.

a)If the device turns off, press the Source Selector again to accept the code; it will flash. The remote will exit Program mode.

b)If the device does not turn off, try entering another code. If you run out of codes, you may search through all of the codes in the remote’s library for that product type by pressing the or ¤ Button repeatedly until the device turns off. When the device turns off, enter the code by pressing the Source Selector, which will flash. The remote then exits Program mode.

5.Once you have programmed a code, it’s a good idea to try using some other functions to control the device. Sometimes, manufacturers use the same Power code for several different models, while other codes will vary. You may wish to repeat this process until you’ve programmed a satisfactory code set that operates most of the functions you frequently use.

6.Find out which code number you have programmed by pressing and holding the Source Selector to enter the Program mode. Then press the OK Button, and the Source Selector will flash in the code sequence. One flash represents “1”, two flashes for “2”, and so forth. A series of many fast flashes represents “0”. Record the codes pro- grammed for each device in Table A9 in the appendix.

Figure 38 – IR Inputs and Outputs

When the AVR 254 is placed in such a way that aiming the remote at the front-panel IR sensor is difficult, such as inside a cabinet or facing away from the listener, you may connect an external IR receiver, such as the optional Harman Kardon HE 1000, to the Remote IR Input jack. When you are using the AVR 254 in multizone mode, you may connect an optional IR receiver, keypad or other control device to the Zone 2 IR Input for remote control

of the AVR 254 (and any sources connected to the AVR’s Remote IR Output) from the remote zone. Any signals transmitted through the Zone 2 IR Input will only control source selection and volume for the remote zone. If a source device is being shared with the main listening area, then any control commands issued to that source will also affect the main room.

If any of your source devices are equipped with a compatible Remote IR Input, use a 1/8" mini-plug interconnect cable (not included) to con- nect the AVR’s Remote IR Output to the source device’s Remote IR Input, which will pass any applicable remote signals transmitted through the AVR to the source device. This enables you to control your sources even when the AVR itself is controlled via an external IR receiver.

Check with the manufacturer of the source device for more information on the type of IR signal expected. The AVR 254 will output a “stripped carrier” IR signal through the Remote IR Output.


Page 30
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Harman-Kardon AVR 254 Step Nine - Remote IR Inputs and Output Optional, Installation, Turn on your source device