IBM 10K0001 manual Viewing a DVD movie, DVD region codes, Click Mediamatics DVD Player

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Viewing a DVD movie

The following is a list of manufacturer Web sites that contain Windows NT 4.0 DMA device drivers for system boards:





Refer to the documentation that comes with your computer for information on other system-board manufacturers.

Viewing a DVD movie

After you install the DVD-ROM drive, configure DMA, and install DVD-viewing software, you can view a DVD movie.

DVD Express will start automatically when you insert a DVD. If you want to start DVD Express manually, follow these instructions:

1.Click Start, then click Programs, and then click Mediamatics DVD Express.

2.Click Mediamatics DVD Player.

The DVD movie player window appears. For more information on how to use the DVD movie player, refer to the DVD Express online help by pressing F1.

DVD region codes

Regional coding helps protect the contents of a DVD. The world is divided into six regions. Specific content can be viewed only in the region where it is appropriate. For example, the content for Region 1 (U.S. and Canada) can be viewed only in the U.S. and Canada. You can verify the region code of the DVD by looking at the region code symbol on the back of the content packaging.

Region code





U.S., Canada




Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Japan




Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Korea




Latin America, Australia, New Zealand




Former Soviet Union, the rest of Africa, India




People's Republic of China



The initial DVD Express region code will be the same as the region code of the first DVD used with DVD Express. If you insert a DVD with a different region code than the initial region code, DVD Express will ask if you want to change the region code setting. You can change the region code from your initial

1-1016X Max DVD-ROM Drive: User's Guide

Page 18
Image 18
IBM 10K0001 manual Viewing a DVD movie, DVD region codes, Click Mediamatics DVD Player