IBM 10K0001 manual Installation and users guide, Product description, Installation requirements

Models: 10K0001

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Installation and user's guide

Installation and user's guide

This section contains the product description, hardware and software installation instructions, and operating information for the IBM® 16X Max DVD-ROM Drive.

Product description

This option package is intended for multimedia applications. The drive comes with a CD containing MPEG-2 decoder software for Microsoft® Windows® 98, Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0 Workstation, and Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me).

In addition to this guide, your option package includes the following:

vIBM 16X Max DVD-ROM Drive

vFour mounting screws (M3 x 5-mm, slotted)

vIDE cable for connecting two IDE devices

vOne black or two white bezels, depending on your option, for use on specific IBM systems

vInternal audio Ycable

vMPEG-2 software CD

vSafety information manual

vLaser safety guide

Contact your place of purchase if an item is missing or damaged. Be sure to retain your proof of purchase; it might be required to receive warranty service. See ªAppendix B. Help and service informationº on page B-1 for technical support information.

Your drive can read many DVD and CD formats, including DVD video, video CD, and audio CD formats. However, you must install the included MPEG-2 software to play video files. The drive also reads multiple-session, extended architecture (XA) discs, such as the Kodak Photo CD. This drive delivers data at up to 40 times the standard CD-ROM drive speed (40X), and is designed for installation in a personal computer that uses integrated drive electronics (IDE) or enhanced IDE (EIDE) architecture.

Installation requirements

Be sure that your computer meets the following system requirements before installing the drive:

vMinimum microprocessor: Intel® Pentium® II 233MHz

vMinimum RAM: 32 MB

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IBM 10K0001 manual Installation and users guide, Product description, Installation requirements, v Laser safety guide