To ensure proper use of this product, please read this
owner’s manual carefully and retain it for future
This manual provides information on the operation
and maintenance of your unit. Should the unit require
service, contact an authorized service location.

Moisture Condensation

Never operate the unit immediately after moving it
from a cold location to a warm location. Leave it
unplugged for two or three hours without operating it.
If you use the unit in such a situation, it may damage
discs/tapes and internal parts.

Symbol Used in this Manual

Note: Indicates special notes and operating fea-
Tip: Indicates tips and hints for making the task
Asection whose title has one of the following
symbols is applicable only to the disc represented
by the symbol.
All discs listed below
DVD and finalized DVD±R/RW
Video CDs
Audio CDs
DivX files

About the Symbol Display

” may appear on your TV display during opera-
tion and indicates that the function is not permitted by
this unit or the disc.

Notes on Discs

Handling Discs

Do not touch the playback side of the disc. Hold the
disc by the edges so that fingerprints do not get on
the surface. Never stick paper or tape on the disc.

Storing Discs

After playing, store the disc in its case. Do not
expose the disc to direct sunlight or sources of heat
and never leave it in a parked car exposed to direct

Cleaning Discs

Fingerprints and dust on the disc can cause poor pic-
ture quality and sound distortion. Before playing,
clean the disc with a clean cloth. Wipe the disc from
the center out.
Do not use strong solvents such as alcohol, benzine,
thinner, commercially available cleaners, or anti-static
spray intended for older vinyl records.