This chapter describes how to operate the VCR and

VCR Tape Playback

Press the VCR button to select the device to be oper-

Basic Instructions

1. Turn on the TV.
2. Direct VIDEO/AUDIO connection is made
between the unit and the TV, set the TV’s source
selector to VIDEO.
3. Insert a pre-recorded video cassette.
The indicator lights and the unit powers on
4. If a tape without a safety tab is inserted the unit
starts playback automatically.
If not, press N(PLAY).
5. Press x (STOP) to stop playback. If the tape
reaches the end before you press x (STOP) the
unit automatically stops, rewinds and ejects the
6. Fast wind tape:
Press m (REW) or M (FF) during stop.
It is not necessary to select the tape speed for play-
back because it is automatically selected by the unit.

Auto Tracking

Automatic tracking adjusts the picture to remove
snow or streaks and beings when:
Atape is played for the first time.
The tape speed (SP, LP, SLP) changes.
Streaks or snow appear due to scratches on the

Manual Tracking

To manually adjust the tracking use the v/V(-/+)
buttons on the Remote Control during playback.
Vertical jitter requires a very fine adjustment.
Tracking is automatically reset to normal when the tape
is ejected or the power cord is unplugged for more than
3 seconds.


This function lets you visually search for a tape sec-
tion in either direction: forward and backward. During
the high-speed picture search modes, the audio is
muted and horizontal lines (noise bars) appear. Also,
a short time is needed to stabilize the tape speed
when re-entering the PLAYmode so slight interfer-
ence may be observed during this time.
To search:
1. Press m (REW) or M (FF) during playback.
Press and hold m (REW) or M (FF) during
tape fast winding.
2. To return to playback, press N(PLAY).
After 3 minutes in SEARCH mode the unit returns to PLAY
mode to protect the tape and video heads.

Still Picture and Frame-by-Frame Playback

1. Press X (PAUSE) during playback.
Astill picture appears on the TV screen and the
audio is muted.
2 If the still picture vibrates vertically, stabilize it by
using v/V(-/+) on the Remote Control.
3. Press X (PAUSE) repeatedly to advance the
video picture one frame at a time.
4. To return to playback, press N(PLAY).
After 5 minutes in STILLmode the unit stops to protect the
tape and video heads.

Slow Motion

1. While in still mode, press M (FORWARD).
The tape is played at a speed 1/19 times slower
than the normal speed.
2. Use v/V(-/+) on the Remote Control if necessary
to adjust the tracking.
3. To return to the normal speed, press N(PLAY).
During slow motion, audio is muted and horizontal
lines (noise bars) may appear on the TV screen.
This is normal.
After 3 minutes in SLOW MOTION mode the unit
goes back to PLAYmode to protect the tape and
video heads.