Displaying Disc Information on-screen
You can display various information about the disc
loaded on-screen.
1. Press DISPLAYto show various playback
The displayed items differ depending on the disc
type or playing status.
2. You can select an item by pressing v/ Vand
change or select the setting by pressing b/ B.
Title (Track) – Current title (or track).
number/total number of titles (or tracks).
Chapter – Current chapter number/total num-
ber of chapters.
Time – Elapsed playing time.
Audio – Selected audio language or channel.
Subtitle – Selected subtitle.
Angle – Selected angle/total number of
If no button is pressed for a few seconds, the on-
screen display disappears.
Initial Settings - DVD
By using the Setup menu, you can make various
adjustments to items such as picture and sound. You
can also set a language for the subtitles and the
Setup menu, among other things. For details on each
Setup menu item, see pages 15 to 16.
To display and exit the Menu:
Press SETUP MENU to display the menu. Asecond
press of SETUP MENU will take you back to initial
To go to the next level:
Press Bon the Remote Control.
To go back to the previous level:
Press bon the Remote Control.

General Operation

1. Press DVD button.
2. Press SETUP MENU. The Setup menu appears.
3. Use v/Vto select the desired option then press
Bto move to the second level. The screen shows
the current setting for the selected item, as well
as alternate setting(s).
4. Use v/Vto select the second desired option
then press Bto move to the third level.
5. Use v/Vto select the desired setting then press
ENTER (OK) to confirm your selection. Some
items require additional steps.
6. Press SETUP MENU or N(PLAY)to exit the
Setup menu.
Menu Language
Disc Audio
Disc Subtitle
Disc Menu