11//I (POWER) :Switches unit ON and OFF.
*: This button is not available.
ZZ (OPEN/CLOSE) : Opens and closes the disc tray.
DVD : Select the unit function mode to DVD.
VCR : Select the unit function mode to VCR.
AUX : Selects the VCR deck’s source (LINE 1 or LINE 2).
DISPLAY: Accesses On-Screen Display.
Switches between the clock, tape counter and tape
remaining modes on the display.
DISC MENU : Accesses menu on a DVD disc.
b/ B/ v/ V:Selects menu options.
TRACKING (-/+) : Adjusts manually the tape’s picture
SETUP/MENU : Accesses or removes DVD Setup menu
and VCR menu.
ENTER (OK): Confirms menu selections. Displays func-
tions on the TV screen.
RETURN (OO) : Removes the setup menu.
Pause playback or recording temporarily.
Press repeatedly for frame-by-frame playback.
./> (SKIP) (DVD only):
Go to next the chapter or track.
Returns to beginning of current chapter or track or go to
previous chapter or track.
xx (STOP) : Stops playback or recording.
mm(REW) / MM (FF):
- DVD:Search backward or forward.
- VCR:Rewinds/Advances the tape during the STOP mode,
for fast backward/forward picture search.
NN(PLAY) : Starts playback.
0-9 Selects numbered options in a menu.
PROGRAM : Shows or hides Program menu.
CLEAR (0000) : Removes a mark on the Marker Search
A.MONITOR : Selects an audio language (DVD).
SUBTITLE: Selects a subtitle language.
ANGLE :Selects a DVD camera angle, if available.
ZOOM : Enlarges DVD video image.
MARKER : Marks any point during playback.
SEARCH : Displays Marker Search menu.
TITLE : Displays the disc’s Title menu, if available.
zz (REC) : Starts recording.
REPEAT :Repeat chapter, track, title or all.
RANDOM : Plays tracks in random order.
: Fast forwards picture search through 30 seconds of
REPEAT A-B : Repeats sequence between two points (A
and B).
SPEED : Selects recording speed. Shows tape playing
Remote ControlAbout the Remote Control
Operation Range
Point the Remote Control at the remote sensor and
press the buttons.
Distance:About 23 ft (7 m) from the front of the
remote sensor.
Angle: About 30° in each direction of the front of
the remote sensor.
Battery installation
Detach the battery cover on the rear of
the Remote Control, and insert two
(R03/AAA) size batteries with 3and #
aligned correctly.
Do not mix old and new batteries and never
mix different types of batteries such as
standard, alkaline, etc.