Additional VCR Information
During manual recording playback, or fast forward
modes, the unit automatically starts rewinding the
tape at the end of the tape. The cassette stops at
the beginning of the tape and is ejected.
After you have finished using the unit, rewind,
eject, and remove the cassette. Place the cas-
sette in its protective sleeve to protect it from
dust. It is not necessary to rewind the cassette
before removing it, but if you do, it is ready to play
or record the next time you use it.
Do not attempt to hook up more than one televi-
sion set to the unit for either recording or

VCR Auto Play System

This unit features automatic playback.
When you load a tape with the safety tab removed
the following occurs:
The Output Source is changed to VCR mode
The power turns on automatically and playback
At the end of the tape, the unit stops, then
The tape is ejected after rewinding and the turns
itself off automatically.
Auto power off does not function during regular DVD
play mode. (unit power stays on.)

S-VHS Quasi Playback (SQPB)

This unit can playback S-VHS recorded tapes;
however, it cannot record in S-VHS format, but
VHS format only.
SQPB is an abbreviation for S-VHS Quasi