Preparation Remote Control Function

Remote Control A/B/C Code Switching

The remote control is capable of controlling three
JVC video units independently. Each of the units can
respond to one of three codes (A, B or C). The
remote control is preset to send C code signals
because your unit is initially set to respond to C code
signals. You can easily modify your unit to respond to
Aor B code signals.
Keep pressing
down during step 1.
1. Press the number Key 1for A, 2for B or
3for C to change the remote control code.
2. Ensure the unit in VCR mode, and then turn off
the power.
3. Press Bon the unit for over 5 seconds while the
unit is turned off. The code currently set appears
on the front display panel.
4. Press x(STOP) on the remote control to change
the unit's code. The code currently set on the
remote control blinks on the front display panel for
approximately 5 seconds, and is applied to the
11/ I B