Remote Control

The following pages gives you a brief description of each button’s function. For more detailed information on the remote control buttons, see pages 19 - 21.

Change the aspect ratio of the image on yourTV screen. See page 20.Turns the TV on or off.Switch between devicesconnected to Video-1, 2, 3,4 and 5.Change channels.Choose how long the TV will stay on beforeturning off. See page 19.Used to select sub channels.(Digital channels only). See page 21.

Listen to a program in stereo, mono or another language (SAP). (Depending on availability in the program). See page 21.

Lets you decide the input channel and select it. After pressing the remote 0 - 9 buttons, press TUNE.

Lets you go back to the previously selectedchannel. See page 19.Programming information. (Digital channelsonly). See page 21.