Caring for the Cabinet

Normally, light dusting with a soft, non-scratching duster will keep your TV clean.

If you wish to wipe down the television, first unplug it. Then wipe gently with a soft cloth, slightly moistened with water. You can add a few drops of mild liquid detergent to the water to help remove spots of oily dirt.

DO NOT allow liquid to enter the TV through the ventilation slots.

DO NOT use strong or abrasive cleaners on the TV.

DO NOT spray liquids or cleaners directly on the TV’s surface.

DO NOT rub or scrub the TV harshly. Wipe the set gently with a soft cloth.

Caring for the Screen

The screen is treated with an electrostatic-proof coating. When it gets dirty, wipe it gently with a soft cloth. If the screen is very dirty, wipe it down with a cloth dipped in a diluted kitchen cleaner and thoroughly wrung-out. Then wipe immediately after with a clean, dry cloth.

Do not apply alcohol, organic solvents (like acetone), acidic or alkaline cleansers to the screen. These will remove the coating layer and cause discolorations.

Do not push or hit the screen. This could cause scratches on the screen surface and image distortions.

Tidying the cables

A cable holder which keeps your connection cables tidy is attached to the back of the stand.