Remote Control Functions


You can view program information for Digital Channels.


When the program information is not being broadcast, the correct information will not be displayed.

The GUIDE will not show the correct time and date depending on the Time Zone and D.S.T. settings. See page 40.


Digital broadcast sometimes offers sub channels. By using the SUB CH button, you can select a sub channel easily.

For example, to move to sub channel 123-45:

1)Press 1, 2 and 3 in order

2)Press the SUB CH button

3)Press 4 and 5 in order

4)Press the TUNE button


Allows you to listen to a program in stereo, mono sound or another language (SAP) if available. First you must set the MODE to TV on your remote.


When you are receiving a digital broadcast, if there are other languages, you can change the language by pressing the ML/MTS button.

Keep the TV in stereo mode to get the best sound quality. The sound will work in stereo mode even if a certain broadcast is in mono sound only.

Choose the mono setting to reduce excessive noise on a certain channel or broadcast.

MTS is unavailable if your television’s Input source is (V1, V2, V3, V4, V5).

ML/MTS will not work when you are using HDMI.