Refer to the table below to check the condition. If you think that there is a problem, contact the JVC Service Center where you purchased the television.




There is no power

• See if the power cord became unplugged.




• Check for a blown fuse or circuit breaker or a power outage.





There is no picture

• The antenna could be disconnected.



• The tuner could be set improperly. See page 40.

or sound

• The TV station may be having difficulties. Check to see if other stations are working.



• Use the HDMI cable with HDMI logo


. See page 46.






• If you have a device connected to INPUT-1, INPUT-2 or INPUT-3, you will not be able to


hear any audio from the AUDIO OUT on the back of the TV.


• You cannot output audio using the DIGITAL AUDIO OPTICAL OUTPUT when you have


digital sound from an HDMI device connected to the INPUT-1, INPUT-2 or INPUT-3


connection on the back of the TV.




• This TV can accept 480i (Composite / S / HDMI / Component), 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p


signals. Please check your settings.






Remote control is not

• Check to see that the batteries are still working and properly installed.

operating properly or

• Make sure the remote has a clear sight path to the TV.

at all

• You may be too far from the TV. You must be within 23 feet (7 meters).




The power turns off

• Make sure the set did not become unplugged.

by itself

• Perhaps the Auto Shut Off is set. See page 41.


• Check to see if the Sleep Timer was set. See page 39.




It does not operate

• This television is operated by a microprocessor. It is possible that external noise or


interference is causing the problem. If the television does not function correctly, remove the


electrical plug from the wall outlet and wait a while before inserting it into the wall outlet


again and operating the television.






The color quality

• Tint and Color may be improperly adjusted. See page 24.

is poor

• The Video Status mode may be turned to the wrong setting. See page 23.




There are lines

• There could be interference from another electrical appliance, such as a computer,

across the picture

another TV or VCR. Move any such appliances further away from the TV.




The picture is spotted

• There could be interference from a high-wattage appliance, like a hairdryer or vacuum,


operating nearby. Move the antenna away from the appliance or change to a coaxial


cable connection which is less prone to interference.




There are double

• A building or passing airplane can reflect the original signal and produce a second,

pictures (ghosts)

slightly delayed one. Adjust your antenna position.




Picture is snowy

• Your antenna may be damaged, disconnected or turned. Check the antenna

(image noise)

connection. If the antenna is damaged, replace it.