Customizing your TV

Setting (continued)

Front Panel Lock

This allows you to lock the buttons on the side of the TV. On / Off


Change the transparency of the menu screens. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Auto Shut Off

This function automatically shuts off your TV when there is no signal from the channel while the TV is on for 10 minutes. On / Off

System Info

You can confirm the TV’s software version.

Auto Demo

Auto Demo explains this TV’s features to you.


Please complete the Initial Setup menu first. The Auto Demo mode will start automatically when the Initial Setup menu is completed.

If you press any button on the television or remote, with the exception of

POWER or MENU, the Auto Demo mode will stop for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds have passed with no operation, the Auto Demo mode will start again.

If you want to turn off the Auto Demo, press the MENU button.

Optical Out

You can select the optical digital sound output as PCM or DOLBY DIGITAL when your TV is connected to an amplifier that has a DOLBY DIGITAL decoder. If you select DOLBY DIGITAL, you can enjoy listening to 5.1ch sound when watching digital broadcasts. This only applies to digital channels.


If your amplifier does not have DOLBY DIGITAL decoder, select PCM. If you don’t select PCM, it cannot output the sound from the speakers.

For connecting an amplifier using the optical output, see page 44.

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