Remote Control Functions


Allows you to adjust the way the image appears on your TV based on the format that is being received.

Panorama / Cinema / Full / Panorama Zoom / Cinema Zoom / Regular / Slim

See page 28.


You can select the aspect mode by pressing the ASPECT button.

You can also access the aspect modes using the buttons on the side of the TV, by using the MENU button, then the – CH + button.


You can choose several types of sound modes. Speech / Jazz / Classic / Rock / User


You can choose the different sound modes by pressing the SOUND button.

If you select User, you can customize the various sound frequencies.


Allows you to choose different picture settings according to personal preferences. You can access this feature for each input (TV, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5).

Standard / Dynamic / Theater / Game

See page 23.