Land Pride manual Motor Spindle Hub SC2660 Only, Gearbox SC2672 Only, Table of Contents

Models: SC2672 SC2660

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Motor Spindle Hub (SC2660 Only)

Land Pride

Table of Contents

Section 5: Maintenance & Lubrication



Motor Spindle Hub (SC2660 Only)

The motor spindle hub (#1), has two cavity plugs (#2) located on the hitch side of the hub housing.

1. Disengage blade hydraulics. Make sure blades have come to a complete stop.

2. Disconnect float chains from cutter deck at mounting holes “A” (See Figure 2-3 on page 16).

3. Disconnect height adjustment safety chain from front of loader (See Figure 2-3 on page 16).

4. Raise front of cutter off the ground and tilt hitch forward until cutter is hanging from the hitch straight down.

SC2660 Spindle Hub Lubrication

5. Set park brake, shut engine off and remove switch key



before continuing.

6. Remove one of the cavity plugs (#2) to check fluid level. Fluid level should be within 1/2" from top of port opening.

7. Add EP 80-90 weight gearlube as required. Full capacity of motor housing is approximately 1/3 pint.

8. Install cavity plug and tighten.

9. Being careful not to damage the tail wheel, lower cutter back to ground level.

10. Reattach adjustment safety chain and float chains.

Do Not



SC2672 Gearbox Lubrication

IMPORTANT: Your cutter is shipped with the gearbox vent plug with dipstick packaged in the Operator’s Manual bag and should have been installed in the gearbox by your Land Pride dealer. Please see your Land Pride dealer if the vent plug with dipstick was not included.



Gearbox (SC2672 Only)

IMPORTANT: Do not overfill! Level cutter and wait for gearbox oil to cool before checking. An unlevel cutter or a gearbox with hot oil will not show correct oil level.

Unscrew vent plug with dipstick. Wipe oil from dipstick and screw it back in without tightening. Unscrew again and check oil level mark. If low, fill through top plug hole with EP 80-90Wt oil until oil reaches full mark. Reinstall vent plug with dipstick and tighten.

Type of Lubrication: Gear Lube EP 80-90W

Quantity = Fill until oil reaches full mark on dipstick.


SC2660 & SC2672 Skid Steer Rotary Cutter 326-025M


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Land Pride manual Motor Spindle Hub SC2660 Only, Gearbox SC2672 Only, Table of Contents, Maintenance & Lubrication