FTG Mode of Operation (Cont.)
1. Plug the USB memory device that contains the FMA Conguration le into the
Target LD330H TV USB IN port.
2. Press MENU to display the TV setup menus, use the arrow navigation keys to
select/highlight either the Option (if TV is in Pass-through Mode) or Lock (if
TV is already in FTG Mode) menu icon, and then press the number “7” key a
total of seven times to display the USB Download Menu.
3. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to select Teach To TV (FMA), and then press
4. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to select the FMA Conguration le you want to
install, and then press ENTER.
The TV will show Teaching completion progress in a new window. Do NOT re-
move the USB device until Teaching is complete. When Teaching is complete,
the TV will tune to the rst logical channel in the FTG Channel Map.
5. When Teaching is done, remove the USB memory device. The FMA
Configuration should be resident on the Target TV. Also, the Target TV CPU
is now in FTG Mode (if it was previously in Pass-through Mode).
Teach To TV (FMA)
Return Enter
USB Download Menu
Upgrade TV Software
Upgrade PTC Software
Teach To TV (TLL)
Teach To TV (FMA)
Return Enter
Teach To TV
Do not unplug!
Teaching FMA Conguration to a TV
This procedure describes how to “Teach” an FMA Conguration le from a USB memory device to a TV.
Ensure you have completed the procedure on the previous page to create the FMA Conguration le
before proceeding with the steps below.