There are three options for cloning a Master
TV Setup:
• Using a USB memory device
• Using a TLL-1100A clone programmer
• Using a LT2002 clone programmer
Each option is described in further detail on
the pages that follow. As you perform cloning
procedures, be sure to complete each task as
indicated. If a procedure or step is omitted or
not performed completely, cloning may not
work. At each step, pay attention to ensure the
TV screen shows the proper message when
cloning. If the message indicated does not
appear, there is a problem with that step, and
cloning may not be successful.
Warning: Copying a blank or
incorrect memory into a TV will
cause the TV to operate erratically
or become inoperable.
Warning: Do not connect a clone
programmer to a PPV card installed
in the Master or Target TVs, as this
will damage the clone programmer
and the PPV card.
Installer Menu
Installer Menu item settings
Auto Tuning (Channel Lineup)
Manual Tuning
Channel Edit
Channel Label
Aspect Ratio
Picture Mode
Auto Volume
Clear Voice
Sound Mode
TV Speaker
Menu Language
Audio Language
Set ID
Movie Rating
TV Rating – Children
TV Rating – General
Auto Clock
Auto Off (Sleep Timer)
Cloning Overview / Clonable Menu Features
Note: Some menu options vary between analog and digital channels and Aux sources.

Clonable Menu Features


Before you begin cloning:
• Complete the Commercial Mode Setup for Master TV procedure on
pages 12 to 13.
• All equipment should be connected to power and turned ON.
• Both the Master and Target TVs must be in Pass-through Mode.
• Ensure Installer Menu items on Target TVs are set/restored to factory
default settings (i.e., set Installer Menu item 117 FACT DEFAULT to
001 on Target TVs) before Teaching is initiated.
• Learning and Teaching is only possible between identical model TVs.
• If using a USB memory device, ensure the USB device has been
formatted with FAT format.
• For both Master and Target TVs—If using a clone programmer,
ensure the TV signal source is either an Aux or TV (RF) source. If
a TV (RF) source, the TV must be tuned to an analog (not a digital)
• LT2002 only—Make sure the batteries in the clone programmer are
fresh. If batteries are removed, the clone programmer clock time (if
set) will be lost (see page 28 for information on the clone program-
mer clock).
• Do not unplug the TV power cord or remove/disconnect the USB
memory device/clone programmer while Learning or Teaching, as
doing so may cause the TV to malfunction or harm the USB device/
clone programmer, respectively.