Note: The data referenced in the FMA Conguration List is only a snap-
shot of the current FTG Channel Map and FTG Installer Menu settings
when copied to the list. If you make any change(s) to the current data
to be included in the FMA Conguration List, you will need to recopy
Channel Map and Installer Menu settings to the FMA Conguration List.
FTG Conguration Application Utilities Overview (Cont.)
Load default FTG
Installer Menu for
Copy FTG Installer
Menu settings to
and from FMA
Configuration List.
Copy FTG Channel
Map to and from FMA
Configuration List.
Filename of opened
FTG Configuration
file (if applicable)
(data to be saved or already
saved in FMA Configuration file)
FMA File options
FMA Conguration Utility
Note: FMA Write, Read, Clock, Broadcast, Firmware, and IP Communication functions in the FMA
Configuration Utility are used to configure control equipment (Example: FMA-LG101) at the hotel/institution
head end. These functions are not applicable to the process of creating an FMA Configuration file to be
used with LD330H TVs.