Maytag CMV1100AA manual Questions And Answers

Models: CMV1100AA

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Q.When the microwave oven is plugged into a wall outlet for the first time, it does not work properly. What is wrong?

A.The microcomputer used in the microwave oven control may temporarily become scrambled and fail to function as programmed. Unplug the oven from the wall outlet and then plug it back in again. The microcomputer should then automatically reset for proper functioning.

Q. Why is there noise coming from the turntable when the microwave oven is turned on?

A.This noise occurs when the turntable roller rest and cavity bottom are dirty. Clean the turntable roller rest and cavity bottom. Frequent cleaning of these parts should eliminate or reduce the noise.

O. Why is there noise coming from the microwave oven when reducing power?

A. When cooking with a power other than P100,the oven cycles on and off

to obtain the lower power level. The clicking noise can be heard when the oven cycles on and off. This is normal.

Q. Why is there steam coming out of the air exhaust vent?

A. Steam is produced during cooking. The microwave oven has been made to vent this steam out of the air exhaust vent.

Q. What is wrong when the microwave oven interior light will not glow? A. There may be several reasons why the interior light will not glow. The light bulb may have burned out or START may not have been pressed.

Replace the light bulb or press START. Never replace the light bulb by yourself. Contact an Authorized Service Center.

Q. Why do eggs sometimes pop?

A. The egg yolk may pop because of steam build-up inside the membrane.

Pierce the membrane with a toothpick before cooking it. Never microwave eggs in the shell since they may explode.

Q. How are boil-overs avoided?

A.Use a larger utensil than usual for cooking or use a lower power level. If you open the microwave oven door or touch STOP/CLEAR, the food will stop boiling.

Q. Why does the beep tone sound when a pad on the control panel is pressed?

A. The beep tone sounds to assure that the setting is being properly

entered. However, you can turn off the beep tone. See optional settings on page 17.

Q. Why does the exhaust fan start when the FAN keypad is not pressed? A. High temperature air from the heating surface below microwave oven can cause an overheating condition that may damage the oven. The

exhaust fan will start automatically to cool off the microwave oven and prevent damage to it.

Q. How can you be sure your microwave oven is turned off when the exhaust fan is operating?

A. When you are operating the microwave, the sound of the exhaust fan may be louder than the microwave itself. This could possibly prevent

you from knowin.g for sure if the microwave oven is turned off. The microwave oven is designed to automatically turn off when door is open.

If for some reason you are not sure the microwave oven is turned off, turn the exhaust fan off to eliminate the sound and check to see if the

microwave oven is operating. If you are still not satisfied, have the microwave oven checked.


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Maytag CMV1100AA manual Questions And Answers