Morphy Richards Bread Maker manual Care and cleaning, Storing the unit

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Care and cleaning

Care and cleaning

1Caution: To prevent electrical shock, unplug the unit before cleaning.

2Wait until the breadmaker has cooled.

Do not immerse or splash either the body or lid in any liquid as this may cause damage and/or electric shock.

For easy cleaning the lid can be removed by opening it in a 90° angle and pulling it off.

3Exterior: Wipe the lid and outer body of the unit with a damp cloth or slightly dampened sponge.

4Interior: Use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe the interior of the breadmaker.

5Baking pan: Clean the baking pan with warm, soapy water. Avoid scratching the non-stick surface. Dry it thoroughly before placing it back in the baking chamber.

Do not wash the baking pan, measuring cup, spoon or kneading blades in the dishwasher.

Do not soak the baking pan for long periods as this could interfere with the working of the drive shaft.

If the paddles becoms stuck in the bread pan, pour hot water over it and allow to soak for 30 minutes. This will enable you to remove the paddle more easily.

Be sure the appliance is completely cooled before storing away.

Do not use any of these when cleaning

Paint thinner


Steel wool pads

Polishing powder

Chemical dustcloth

Special care for the non-stick finish

Avoid damaging the coating. Do not use metal utensils such as spatulas, knives or forks.

The coating may change colour after long use, this is only caused by moisture and steam and will not affect the performance of the unit or quality of your bread.

The hole in the centre of the kneading blade shoud be cleaned, then add a drop of cooking oil and replace it on the spindle in the baking pan. This will prevent sticking of the blade.

• Keep all air vents and openings clear of dust.

Storing the unit

Be sure to dry all parts before storing including wiping any moisture from the viewing window. Close the lid and do not store anything on top of the lid.


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Morphy Richards Bread Maker manual Care and cleaning, Storing the unit, Do not use any of these when cleaning