Section 2K: Additional Features 122
IR (Infrared) Data Transfer
Your phone has the ability to send and receive data using an invisible
infrared (IR) beam. Data can be shared between IR-compatible
phones and devices.
Ensure that the IR ports of the sending and receiving devices are
pointing at each other and that there are no obstructions between
the devices.
The preferable distance between the two devices in an IR
connection is from 3 inches to 3 feet
This capability can be used for the following:
Send and receive application data with another IR-compatible
device using IR connectivity.
Send and receive a calendar note that was created in your
phone’s Organizer.
Send and receive a contact (business card).
3 inches to 3 feet
Note: Do not point the IR beam at anyone’s eye or allow it to interfere with
other IR devices. This is a Class 1 laser product.
When sending data using IR, ensure the other device is set to receive IR
data. Refer to the user guide for the receiving device for information on
enabling IR data transfer.