Philips 0150-0241B Warranty Information, Factory Service, Factory Address, Philips ProBridge

Models: 0150-0241B

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7 Warranty Information

7 Warranty Information

7.1 Factory Service

If the unit requires factory service, contact the dealer who supplied the unit to you for the correct procedures on returning the unit to the factory or the nearest factory service center.

If the dealer is not available, contact the manufacturer of the unit as detailed below and request a Return Material Authorization number (RMA). The unit’s serial number must be provided before an RMA number can be issued. Units returned to the factory for service must have freight and insurance prepaid, and must show the RMA number clearly on all shipping documents. The failure symptoms must be clearly described by the operator and enclosed with the unit together with a copy of the original supplier’s invoice. Failure to comply with these instructions will delay service of the unit, and may result in the unit not being accepted by the Repair Center.

7.2 Factory Address

GE Security

Attention: Repair Center

3050 Red Hill Ave.

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

United States of America

Telephone: 800-343-3358 (7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Pacific Time)

In Oregon: 541-754-9133

Fax: 541-754-7162 (24 hours a day)

For warranty information, see the following page.

7.3 Warranty

GE Security warrants all of its equipment for three years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship. Equipment failures that are due to improper installation, modification, abuse, or acts of nature will not be covered by this warranty. The repair department will evaluate all equipment returned for repair to determine warranty coverage. The Tech Support Manager will resolve any questions that may arise during evaluation to make a final determination.

The warranty specifically covers any defects in material and workmanship and does not cover equipment that has been abused, damaged, or modified.

For all warranty repairs, GE Security will cover all costs, including parts, labor, and shipping. Repaired equipment will be returned via the same method of shipment in which it was received. If a customer requests a faster return shipment, the difference will be charged.

For all non-warranty repairs, the customer will be billed for parts, labor, and shipping. Labor will be billed in half-hour increments.

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Philips 0150-0241B user manual Warranty Information, Factory Service, Factory Address, Philips ProBridge