Philips 0150-0241B Philips ProBridge Description, Compatibility, Installation Environment

Models: 0150-0241B

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1 Philips ProBridge

1 Philips ProBridge

1.1 Philips ProBridge Description

The Kalatel CBR-PB2-PHILIPS is a specific ProBridge unit for interfacing the DVMRe family of digital video multiplex/recorders and providing local keyboard control via a CBR-KB3 or KTD-405 keypad to a Philips AutoDome.

Kalatel Components:

(1)CBR-PB2-PHILIPS ProBridge. This product includes:

(1) CBR-PB2-PHILIPS ProBridge unit.

(2) P/N 4310-0034: RJ45 to RJ45 cable. Connects the ProBridge and a CBR-KB3 or KTD-405 to the RS-485 Network. These cables are 6’ in length.

(1) P/N 4310-0047B: Cable from PB2 to Philips Data Converter Unit (LTC 8780).

(1) P/N 4010-0007: 12VDC 120VAC Power Supply or

(1) P/N 4010-0008: 12VDC 220VAC Power Supply.

(1) P/N 0150-0241A: Product Overview and Installation Manual.

Philips Components:

(1) Philips Data Converter Unit (LTC 8780).

(1) Philips AutoDome.

1.2 Compatibility

The CBR-PB2-PHILIPS is compatible with all Kalatel DVMRe digital video multiplex/recorders equipped with RS-485 network capabilities except installations with a CBR-KB1 Keypad.

Compatible units include the Kalatel DVMRe digital video units and various Kalatel Multiplexer models (Simplex, Triplex, Matrix). Please check the specifications of the particular Kalatel product for RS-485 network support.

1.3 Installation Environment

Power: Ensure that the installation site’s AC power is stable and within the rated voltage of the external power supply. If the site’s AC power is likely to have spikes or dips, use power line conditioning or an Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Philips ProBridge



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Philips 0150-0241B Philips ProBridge Description, Compatibility, Installation Environment, Kalatel Components