EN 15
5 Play options
Repeat and random play
1 Pres s MODE repeatedly to select:
: the current track is pl ayed
: all tracks are played r epeatedly.
: all tracks are played
randomly and repeatedly.
: all tracks are played r andomly.
2 To return to normal play, press MODE
repeatedly until play mod e is no longer
Shuf e pl ay cannot be selec ted when you play
programmed tracks.
Program tracks
You can program a maximum of 40 tracks.
1 At CD/U SB mode, in the stop posi tion,
press PROG to activat e the program
[PROG] (program) blinks on the »
2 For MP3/WMA track s, press ALB/
PRESET+/- to s elect an album.
3 Pres s / to select a t rack number, then
press PROG to con rm.
4 Repe at steps 2 to 3 to select and s tore all
tracks to program.
5 Pres s to play the programmed tracks.
During play, [PROG] (program) is »
To erase the program, in th e stop
position, press .
Display play information
1 Dur ing play, press DISPLAY/CLOCK
repeatedly to selec t different play
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