disposal of batterie s helps prevent potential ly
negative consequences o n the environment
and human health.
Environmental information
All unnecessary pack aging has been omit ted.
We have tried to make the packaging e asy to
separate into thre e materials: cardb oard (box),
polystyrene foam ( buffer) and polyethyle ne
(bags, protective foa m sheet.)
Your system consists of mater ials which can
be recycled and reused if d isassembled by
a specialized company. Please o bserve the
local regulations reg arding the disposal of
packaging materials , exhausted batter ies and
old equipment.
Windows Media and the Wind ows logo are
trademarks, o r registered trad emarks of
Microsoft Corpor ation in the United States
and/or other countries .
This apparatus includes t his label:
Typeskilt nnes på apparatens underside.
Observer: Nettbryteren er sekundert
innkoplet. Den innebygde netdelen er
derfor ikke frakoplet nettet så lenge
apparatet er tilsluttet nettkontakten.
For å redusere faren for brann eller
elektrisk støt, skal apparatet ikke utsettes
for regn eller fuktighet.
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