EN 3
Never remove the casing of this appara tus.
Never lubricate any part of t his apparatu s.
Never place this apparatus on ot her electr ical
Keep this apparatus away from d irect sunlig ht, naked
ames or heat.
Never look into the laser beam in side this appar atus.
Ensure that you always have easy a ccess to the power
cord, plug or adaptor to d isconnect thi s apparatus
from the power.
This product complies with the radio
interference requirements of the European
This product complies with the requir ements
of the following directive s and guidelines:
2004/108/EC + 2006/95/EC .
Any changes or modi cations made to this
device that are not expre ssly approved by
Philips Consumer Lifest yle may void the user’s
authority to oper ate the equipment.
The making of unauthorized copies of
copy-protected mate rial, including comp uter
programs, les, broadcasts and sound
recordings, may be an infr ingement of
copyrights and const itute a criminal offe nce.
This equipment should not b e used for such


Your product is design ed and manufactured
with high quality mat erials and component s,
which can be recycled and r eused.
When you see the crossed-out wheel bin
symbol attached to a p roduct, it means th e
product is covered by the Eu ropean Directive
Never dispose of your product with other
household waste. Ple ase inform yourself abo ut
the local rules on the se parate collection of
electrical and el ectronic produc ts. The correct
disposal of your old produc t helps prevent
potentially negative co nsequences on the
environment and human h ealth.
Your product contains batter ies covered by
the European Direct ive 2006/66/EC, whi ch
cannot be disposed of with no rmal household
When you see the crossed-out wheel bin
symbol with the chemi cal symbol ‘Pb’, it
means that the batter ies comply with the
requirement set by the d irective for lead:
Please inform yourself about the local rul es on
separate collecti on of batteries. Th e correct
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