Philips HTS3565D Troubleshooting continued, English, Problem Playback, Solution, playback

Models: HTS3565D

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Troubleshooting (continued)


Troubleshooting (continued)

Problem (Playback)



The unit does not start

Load a readable disc with the playback side facing



down. The DVD+R/CD-R must be fi nalized.


Make sure the disc is not scratched or warped.


Press OPTIONS to turn off the system setup menu





You may need to enter the password in order to



unlock the disc for playback.


Moisture may have condensed inside this unit.



Remove the disc and leave this unit turned on for



about an hour.

The aspect ratio of the screen cannot be changed even though you have set the TV display.

Cannot activate some features such as Angles, Subtitles, or multi-language Audio.

Not able to select some items in the setup/system menu.

The aspect ratio is fi xed on the DVD disc.

Depending on the TV, it may not be possible to change the aspect ratio.

The features may not be available on the DVD.

Changing the language for the sound or subtitle is prohibited on this DVD.

Press Ç twice before selecting the system setup menu.

Depending on the disc availability, some menu items cannot be selected.

Unable to play DivX movies. – Ensure that the DivX fi le is encoded according to the ‘Home Theater Profi le’ with the DivX encoder.

Check that the DivX movie download is a complete fi le.

Radio reception is poor. – If the signal is too weak, adjust the antenna or connect an external antenna for better reception.

Increase the distance between this unit and your TV or VCR.

Tune in to the correct frequency.

Place the antenna further away from any equipment that may be causing the interference.


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Philips HTS3565D Troubleshooting continued, English, Problem Playback, Solution, The unit does not start, playback