Check before use

Installation status

Ensure that the following installation requirements have been satisfied. ffThe product should be installed on an even, level floor.

ffThere should be no objects blocking the air intake and outlet.

ffThe installation site should be dry and there should be no inflammable substances around it. ffThe product should be installed at least 5 cm (15 cm is recommended) from the wall.

ffBefore using the product for the first time and when replacing the integrated HEPA/deodorization filter, make sure to remove the plastic packaging of the filter.

Power plug and power outlet

ffBe sure to use a dedicated 220 - 240 V electrical outlet.

(When the power is applied, the product enters the standby state.) ffUnplug the power plug if it will not be used for a long period of time.

General information about the product

Be sure to install the filters before using the product and replace the filters when they start emitting a strange odor.

ffThis product is highly efficient for deodorizing household odors such as ammonia, as well as formaldehyde (the main cause of sick building syndrome), VOCs etc. However, deodorization function of the air purifier is effective when air is penetrates through the filter. Therefore when there’s excessive odor in your room, ventilate the room first and use the air purifier afterwards to eliminate remaining odors for more effective deodorization.

fIfyou operate the air purifier without the filters, you cannot expect any air purification effect.

fIfthe filters are contaminated, the air purification performance will be degraded. If the filters are seriously dirty or emit a bad odor or the airflow from the product decreases significantly, replace the filters.

Avoid operating the air purification system when cooking food that generates a strong odor such as fish.

ffOtherwise, the lifetime of the deodorization filter may be significantly decreased and the deodorization filter may become contaminated by the odor.

ffWhen the integrated HEPA/deodorization filter, is contaminated by surrounding odors and the odors can be smelt when the air purification filter operates, please replace the filter as it has reached its end of life.

Please close the windows and doors when operating the product.

ffOtherwise, the air purification performance is degraded.

ffThe main noxious gas that cannot be removed: Carbon monoxide (CO)

ffConcentration level of carbon dioxide may increase if you operate the product for a long time with windows closed. Therefore, ventilate the room regularly between use. When filter is saturated with just a weak odor, ventilating the room will help get rid of saturated odor.


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