Air purification operation


1  Press the button to start the air purifier operation.

ffThe air purifier turns on with a ringing sound.

ffWhen the product turns on for the first time, it starts operating in air purification mode (Operating mode: Weak). fIfthe power [] is turned off and then on again, the product operates base on the last settings.

ffThe cleanness indicator and the selected function indicator are selected.

2  Press the button to select an operating mode.

ffWhenever this button is pressed, the mode changes in the following order: Weak Sleep Auto Strong. ffThe cleanness indicator remains the same and the selected operating mode is turned on.

ffWhen the unit is running in Auto mode, the air is automatically kept clean by the air purifier regardless of the surrounding dust and odors.

fIfSleep mode is selected, only the Sleep mode indicator is turned on (dimly).

Virus doctor operation indicator function

When you turn on the Virus doctor function, the Virus doctor indicator turns on.

ffYou can turn on/off the Virus doctor function by pressing the [ ] button.

• If the operation mode is set to Sleep, the Virus doctor function will turn off and you can not control the function


with any buttons.


When the integrated HEPA/deodorizing filter replacement alarm turns on, the indicator will blink and you may not be able to determine whether the Virus doctor function is operating. However, you can still turn the function on/off by pressing the button.

After resetting the integrated HEPA/deodorizing filter replacement alarm, the indicator will again indicate Virus doctor function operation.


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