MM-L7-NO RDS(GB) 2001.12.21 16:16 Page 7

Where to Install Your Micro-Component System

To take full advantage of your new MICRO component system, follow these installation instructions before connecting the unit.

Install the system on a flat, stable surface.

Never place this unit on carpeting.

Never locate this unit in an outdoor area.

Maintain an open space of approximately 6 inches (15 cm) on the sides and rear of the system, for ventilation purposes.

Make sure that you have enough room to open the compact disc compartment easily.

Place the loudspeakers at a reasonable distance on either side of the system to ensure good stereo sound.

Direct the loudspeakers towards the listening area.

For optimum performance, make sure that both speakers are placed at an equal distance above the floor.


Connecting Your System to the Power Supply

The main lead must be plugged into an appropriate socket.

Before plugging your system into a main socket, you must check the voltage.


Check the position of the voltage selector at the bottom of the system



Plug the main lead (marked AC Cord on the rear of the system) into


an appropriate socket.

Press the On/Standby button to switch your mini-compact system on.



Inserting Remote Control Batteries

Insert or replace remote control batteries when you:


Purchase the Micro component system


Find that the remote control is no longer operating


When replacing the batteries, use a new set of batteries and never mix alkaline and manganese batteries.

1Place your thumb on the position marked on the battery compartment cover (rear of the remote control) and push the cover in the direction of the arrow.

2Insert two AAA, LR03 or equivalent batteries, taking care to respect the polarities:

+ on the battery against + on the remote control– on the battery against – on the remote control3Replace the cover by sliding it back until it clicks into position.