MM-L7-NO RDS(GB) 2001.12.21 16:17 Page 18

Power Sound function

This machine is equipped with the function of Power Sound which GB amplifies bass treble output to twice as much for powerful real

sound.1Press the Power Sound button.Result: P, SOUND is displayed for a few seconds. A more powerful resonant sound is diffused.2To cancel this function, press Power Sound button again.


Sleep Mute

Power Preset Timer Timer/

Sound EQ on/off Clock


Mono/ST. Mode Repeat Set

Microphone Function (option)

The microphone enables the user to mix in his or her vocals to sing-along with the music.


Plug the microphone with a 3.5mm mic jack into microphone terminal.

Connecting Headphones

You can connect a set of headphones to your micro component system so that you can listen to music or radio programs without disturbing other people in the room. The headphones must have a 3.5 mm connector or appropriate adapter.

Connect the headphones to the Phones connector on the front panel (bottom left corner).

Result: The loudspeakers are no longer used for sound output .Prolonged use of headphones at a high volume may damage your hearing.