MM-L7-NO RDS(GB) 2001.12.21 16:16 Page 8

Connecting to an External Source

Connecting the Loudspeakers

The auxiliary input can be used to take advantage of the sound GB quality of your MICRO component compact system when listening

to other sources.


A television


A video disc player


A Hi-Fi stereo video cassette recorder

To connect the external source, the source must have an audio output. In addition, you need an RCA connection cable.

1Set the system to standby mode and disconnect it and the external source from the main.

2Connect the audio cable to the rear of the micro component compact system.

Connect the...

To the connector marked...

Red jack R (right)White jack L (left)For optimum sound quality, do not invert the right and left channels.

3Plug the system back into the main socket and press On/Standby to switch it on.

4Select the AUX function by pressing FUNC. button. Result: AUX is displayed.5Switch the external source on.6Adjust the volume and balance as required: Volume


The loudspeaker connector terminals are located on the rear of the system.

There are four terminals on the system:

Two for the left speaker (marked L)Two for the right speaker (marked R)

To achieve the correct sound quality, connect the:

Red wire to the + terminalsBlack wire to the – terminals1To connect a wire to a terminal, push the tab as far as it will go:To the right on the system2Insert the wire, up to the plastic sheathing, in the hole.3Push the tab back:To the left on the system, until it clicks into placeTo the top on the loudspeakerResult: The wire is pinched and held firmly in place.4Repeat the operation for each wire.

(Right Speaker)

(Left Speaker)

Directions in Installing Speaker

Installation in a place near heating apparatus, under direct lay of light or with high humidity may cause performance degradation of the speaker.

Do not install on the wall or on a high place of pole or other unstable place to prevent any safety accident caused by falling of the speaker.

Do not take the speaker apart from TV or computer monitor. The speaker near the TV or computer monitor may influence the quality of the screen display.